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Corporate Travel

We at Al Deyar Travel & Tourism know how stressful and hectic business trips can be. This is why we gladly assume responsibility of planning and managing your company’s travel requirements while ensuring trips ‘fit for an executive’. From plane tickets and car hires to your meeting venues and hotels, traveling with us would mean a stress-free business trip for you.

Leisure Travel

What could ruin the purpose of a relaxing holiday more than the stress caused by poorly planned trip? Your dedicated travel partner will make sure that you would never have to suffer from such a trip. Below are the packages we offer to make your vacations the best they could be.


Here, you will meet the world’s most well reputed cruise lines: Cunard, Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises and many others. We provide a wide range of cruises for you to explore the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the rest of the world.


Make sure you encounter no hassle by availing of our car hire services. You may be transported from the airport to your accommodation either in top of the line luxury cars or the more practical ones according to your preference. Our office can also arrange bookings to many hotels and apartments worldwide.


We also have many packages well suited for the best honeymoon destinations in the world! Visit the Eiffel Tower or the Caribbean Islands to celebrate or rekindle romance.


We know how important it is for many to sustain their faith and religious beliefs through travel. Hence, we make the best arrangements for the most fulfilling and unique pilgrimages to all the religious sites of the world.


Be it a school, university, club or a group of friends, we can help you plan the perfect excursion. You can count on a travel planned tailored according to your budget and nature of travel.

Family Holidays:

Get ready for some family fun with Al Deyar Travel & Tourism as we make your family our own by sending you off to see pyramids, temples, beaches and wildlife reserves or safaris! We have a wide range of family packages that are sure to give your family the time of their lives!